Combining Tidalfit’s world-class 13ft exercise pool with the DT-6 Spa, we’ve seamlessly integrated both into one amazing unit. Each side offers separate temperature, jet and lighting controls and offers all of the premium quality features found in our TidalFit Pools and Artesian Hydrotherapy Spas.

Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer

TidalFit’s new Variable Flow Swift Water Trainer incorporates an even more powerful Swim System containing true variable speed pumps and expertly designed jets to provide a balanced, stable swim current. This system allows a variety of swim options by varying swim resistance. Swimming resistance can be set anywhere from 0% to 100%.

DT-6 Spa Section

A compact 6-foot spa with 35 Helix™ Jets,

Neck Blaster Jets, automatic 24 hour

circulation filtration system, multi-color

LED lighting and LED Tranquility Fall water


Aquatic Training System

Maximize your workout in your exercise pool! You can choose between the Stationary Resistant Swim and/or the Rowing Bars and Resistant Cords.

Health Benefits

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