The ASIN AQUA Salt is a top of the range swimming pool salt chlorine generator and automatic dosing system

The system generates chlorine from salt which is added to the pool.

The ASIN AQUA Salt comes with a salt electrolysis cell which is plumbed in line with the pool water.

Electricity is passed through the cell which then creates chlorine from the salt (sodium chloride) in the pool water.

The system automatically turns the cell on and off as required to maintain the desired chlorine level.

The ASIN AQUA Salt also includes two dosing pumps for pH control and algaecide

It is internet enabled allowing remote monitoring of the pool chlorine, PH and temperature via a smart phone or the internet.

The ASIN AQUA Salt has an easy to use colour touch-screen control panel

It comes with a flow meter to detect when the pool circulation pump is running so that dosing only occurs when the pool water is flowing.

The ASIN AQUA Salt can be used for private or small commercial pools with a water volume up to 90m3

For lager pools, an additional salt generator cell (Asin Salt) can be connected

It has simple and clear operation, whilst measuring and regulating the Chlorine and PH levels in your pool.

This is an automatic dosing system which can be used for both indoor or outdoor pools and spas.

It can be used for domestic or small commercial pools (the free chlorine model should be used for commercial pools)

The system automatically monitors the level of chlorine and PH in the pool and adds the required amounts of chemicals to maintain the pool at the desired levels.

It has an easy to use touch screen control panel, which allows you to set the desired level and monitor the current levels of chlorine and PH in the pool.

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